A clear sign I might need to find a different place of employment with way less drama

The following incident happened just last week in its entirety but I change the names to protect the guilty parties:

A server had a party big enough to occupy 2 4 top tables fully so the party was 8-14 people. They stayed a few hours at this table in the bar area and ran up a 200 dollar tab. Why the server did NOT grat the party I do NOT know since our policy is parties of 6 or more are 1 check with auto 20% grat and no more than 2 credit cards can be given, ie NO SPLIT CHECKS.

The server shows our GM, Chas, the credit receipt for 200+ bucks with a whopping 6 buck tip. Chas approaches the table and inquires on their experience secretly trapping the table by their own admission that the food, drink, and yes, service were all fine or better. Then Chas questions their 6 dollar tip and explains the server makes a mere $2.13 per hour. In this case they pay no additional money for a tip. I have been in this game TOO long and never have I had a manager go to bat  for their staff at the table. Many if they were aware of no problems would comp off items to create you a tip but none ever would confront the cheap asses’ on their cheapness. Props go to Chas!

Now my personal observations begins…

The party has broken up and most of them are outside but Im walking behind my owner’s wife who works our hostess stands on busier nights. A 5’10’ in heels,  200 pound women is in front of the boss lady making the following commentary to her friend, “Theys all white and gonna stick together anyhow.” Now mind you I know nothing posted above except the server had a large party of blacks in the bar area but no details at this time.

The boss lady reiterates to the Irate Lady she needs to head to the front door. She turns on the boss lady and states she doesnt have to leave if she dont want to. And proceeds to do that dominance establishing gesture common to black ladies where they twirl in a very exaggerated manner their wrist where her long fingernails move in a circular pattern.

This is where the incident goes horribly wrong. Yeah you guessed it boss lady and Irate Lady get their hand and fingers intertwined which leads rapidly to a scream fest full of expletives and physical scuffling. Mind you I about 6 feet away on a POS system trying to ring in a drink order with my eyes glued to the escalating situation. I have several people between me and the violence and I dont get paid enough to get involved until I think someone is in danger of actual injury. Its starting to look like the battling ladies may end up in the floor.

Out of the corner of my eye back in the bar area is a blue blur which impacts into the Irate Lady like a football tackle. She goes down and narrowly avoid a head trauma from a 2 top table which is covered in 3/4 ” marble. I guess to my GM’s viewpoint the situation was little more out of control.

The Irate Lady gets picked up and pushed to the front door while her friend expounds upon how “mens donts hit womans folk”. This almost made me completely bust out in laughter since he hadnt hit her friend in the conventional sense.

Once outside more heated dialogue ensues and the people start to disperse in their cars when they realize plate numbers are being written down or photo’ed by cell phones and that police have been called.

A cop arrives and takes a report.

But wait the drama is NOT over.

I have a table of 7 blacks who have a accent that I cant place. OK on reflection I carded one of the younger guys who had a New Orleans address on his license. The adult men try to get out of paying their $144 table with a $22.60 grat because as they said, ” they wuz tramatized by the violence.” The grandma they came in to celebrate her birthday advised them if they didnt like how the woman was treated was to pay the bill and NOT to come back.

Needless to say they paid the full tab. And hopefully neither group will come back.

But I have to say the flying tackle by my boss went a little too far. Boss lady is a trained psychologist raised in what I am told were not the best of neighborhoods of Chicago and she tends to get into more nasty altercations than the rest of our staff. Me I walk away from them once I get mad enough the actual thought of violence becomes appealing. But had the tackle happened slightly different the Irate Lady would have ended up in the hospital with a head trama. One server in town already died from a parking lot fall onto those parking concrete bumber stops. Outside bar violence in that case.


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