Few thoughts on last night

I had a long night last night got out at 130AM as I had a 13 top sat at 15 mins til we closed mind you the restaurant closing not the kitchen. Thanks to my owners wife for seating that 2 top and delaying the 13 top from being seated. SO all in all the table isnt bad they order fast and eat quickly UNTIL I bring out their FREAKING store bought cake which they  do NOT bother to offer me a slice of.  This policy of my employer drives me nuts since I lost out on potentially 13 dessert sales at a 20% grat and I am still having to find them 13 clean plates  and the silverware  to eat their cake. Getting bulk amounts of plates during rush periods is a bitch as our dish washer for some reason cant  clean that specific size plate well at all. Why only that plate size I have NO CLUE. Then the table proceeds to idle over their cake for a good 45 minutes. And thats the OTHER reason I hate people who bring in their own cakes.

OK overall the night was good as I made 18% paid 3% tip share thus netted 15% with decent sales which meant since 33% of my sales were at a 20% grat.

The two  as “Bill and Ted” would call them BOGUS tippers I can remember are–>

Party of 3 split checks one lady marked her credit card slip $5.10 on $38.90 for a measly 13% and she should be thankful I am an honest server since she TOTALED her receipt for a $25.10 tip  and I only submitted it for the$5.10 intended tip. ($38.90 + 5.10 = NOT $64.00)

Next loser was a mixed race couple, the lady had me charge her computer/phone she uses Sprint so that tells me what kind moron she is to put up with Sprint’s extremely crappy service. Sprint was the local phone comany in college. Do NOT get me started.  I once spent 8 hours on hold tho part of it was napping watching the history channel.  They arrive around 7 pm and leave at 10 minutes to 11. They run up a measly $80 tab since the woman only has a salad and can nurse a $6 glass of red like a camel nurses its water in the Sahara. The couple gives enthusiastic verbal tippage to  any and all staff they encounter on the way out the door with the man giving handshakes to all. Tight wad loser couple occupies 25% of my available  tables ALL night for a WHOPPING $10 on $80 tab. Table never gets resat.

Oh and almost forgot the white trash that was transfered into my section from another section so a 10 top could be seated. They ran up the initial transfered amount of $70 into a $130 tab  with dessert and  drinks. They left happy and made me unhappy with a $17 tip.

And to break the recent run on other blogs on black folks dont tip. My  compliments to Mr. Hill who paided for his 4 tops $100 tab and he was kind enough to leave me a $20. Whoot!

Sadly now its time to get ready for work as we have the 3 pm meeting followed by my 4 PM open and if im lucky I will be home by 2 AM. Later people…


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