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A new low in dining by entitlement junkies

April 12, 2008

OK its Sat night and as usual we are on a wait not a long wait (2 hrs is fairly common on weekends if the band playing is well known or loved) afaik it was a mere 5 tables of 4 or less.
Enter the self entitlement asshole stage right….

a guy and his wife I have seen in the place before try to gank one of my tables during the wait. WHoo hoo! I get to have a brass pair now. The only time my place of employment allows the staff to stand their ground with a guest is in 2 areas: our 1st come 1st serve policy ie no reservations and our 1 check on parties of 6 or more with max 2 credit cards to be taken.

A part of the no reservation policy is that you are put on a wait list upon arriving and invited to hang out in the bar until a table is available. SO when I spot a couple I have seen in the place before seated at my table that has no menus and silverware for 4 still on it, I can reasonably deduce they sat themselves. The fact that the man is holding a vibrating, light flashing coasters from the host stand confirms my suspicions.

Normally I ignore the people until I can confirm we are on a wait and they were NOT seated by host staff as they do sometimes put folks down without menus. In this case I already know we are on a wait and I just saw them enter the bar a few minutes ago. Due to the nature of the crowding in the bar I have to pass right by the table and the guy wants my attention and asks if he can order food here.

I also notice as he makes his request the host staff has place in the middle of the table in an open spot 18 inches in diameter a WHITE 2″ X 3″ card that has a cursive black RESERVED across it on a diagonal. So I ask him a series of questions designed to get him to admit he stole this table without referencing the reserved sign or the coaster that could begin vibrating/flashing any second. He never admits to seating him self despite me asking him straight out if he was on our wait list. He keeps re-asking his can we order food here? Finally I get the better of him and he starts using not so polite speak to me. I then tell him to remove himself from my table and he gets worse so I tell him to get out off my section which gets him to cursing me. I offer then to have him thrown out if he continues along his idea of communication. Most of our guests do NOT realize we have off duty not in uniform cops who happen to be bar regulars working now. It was a result of the previously posted upon battle between Boss Lady and the Irate Lady. He asks to speak to the manager and I have had my fun so I go and let the manager know the situation and he offers to get the guy and gal out of my table. He plans to do it by seating someone from the wait list and thus forcing them out. People known to have attempted table hijacking also seem to fall to the bottom of the wait list. BY his arrival with the new guest they have gotten up and I do not see them anymore.

This is where it gets worse….

My manager seats a party of 4 black girls 2 in their late teens and 2 in their mid 20s. It seems that 1/2 the table has called in a to go order and decided ie PLANNED to eat it here IF they got seated before it was cooked. The other 2 order after they are sat. I overhear the girls chattering about how clever they were as they seem to think they got sat ahead of their place in line. I check on this they didnt but a couple of tables didnt want to sit in the bar. It still carries the smoking stigma to some.

I made sure the girls KNEW that they hadnt gotten to jump the line because of their cleverness.

I personally find their behavior reprenhensive simply for the dismissive way it treats the fellow diners. Its one thing when you treat me poorly but its another when you try to screw over others in the same boat as your self.

I also make sure the manager explains that this tactic in the future will result in them being handed their to go bags of food next time. He of course flubs this so badly that it comes of that their work around to the system was cute -no mention of dont try this agaIN.


Self entitlement gone TOO FAR

April 6, 2008

my place of employment in my opinion foolishly lets tables bring in their usually nasty ass grocery store bought cakes for birthday groups-some nights I wait on 3 different tables with outside sourced cakes.

Reasons this sucks ass-

1. 99% of the tables are big enough to trigger a grat and thus its costing me a grat on sales of our desserts.

2. 99% of the tables fail to bring anything to eat their cake with so I have to find a clean plate, fork, and possibly a napkin, plus a serving fork and a candle-we get so busy finding 15 plates in the middle of dinner rush can be a real bitch-and mind you this table needed 15 apps plates, 15 bread plates already.

3. It costs the business money and me tips in general let alone the higher grat tips.

4. 99% of these cakes taste worse by far than any of our desserts.

5. MOST importantly the serving of the cake can easily add 1 hour to the time the table lingers and in many cases kills my ability to turn said table again for the night given the amount of time they already linger for hearing the band. These parties tend to be 8-20 people which comes to 1/2 to all of my section.

6. Its PLAIN RUDE to bring in an outsideĀ  dessert without permission of the restaurant.

7. About half the time I am unaware my table has a cake til they ask for one making it take 10-20 minutes until I can assemble the needed clean silverware and plates.

8. They go about making a mess as if they were a party of 6 year olds and icing isnt a simply clean up debris.

BUT LAST NIGHT TOOK THE CAKE LITERALLY-a freaking table brought in a cake from another restaurant in their logo’ed to go bag even!!! I would have refused to serve it. Oh Im sorry you didnt get to go plate and silver ware from the Olive Garden you douche bags.