Self entitlement gone TOO FAR

my place of employment in my opinion foolishly lets tables bring in their usually nasty ass grocery store bought cakes for birthday groups-some nights I wait on 3 different tables with outside sourced cakes.

Reasons this sucks ass-

1. 99% of the tables are big enough to trigger a grat and thus its costing me a grat on sales of our desserts.

2. 99% of the tables fail to bring anything to eat their cake with so I have to find a clean plate, fork, and possibly a napkin, plus a serving fork and a candle-we get so busy finding 15 plates in the middle of dinner rush can be a real bitch-and mind you this table needed 15 apps plates, 15 bread plates already.

3. It costs the business money and me tips in general let alone the higher grat tips.

4. 99% of these cakes taste worse by far than any of our desserts.

5. MOST importantly the serving of the cake can easily add 1 hour to the time the table lingers and in many cases kills my ability to turn said table again for the night given the amount of time they already linger for hearing the band. These parties tend to be 8-20 people which comes to 1/2 to all of my section.

6. Its PLAIN RUDE to bring in an outsideĀ  dessert without permission of the restaurant.

7. About half the time I am unaware my table has a cake til they ask for one making it take 10-20 minutes until I can assemble the needed clean silverware and plates.

8. They go about making a mess as if they were a party of 6 year olds and icing isnt a simply clean up debris.

BUT LAST NIGHT TOOK THE CAKE LITERALLY-a freaking table brought in a cake from another restaurant in their logo’ed to go bag even!!! I would have refused to serve it. Oh Im sorry you didnt get to go plate and silver ware from the Olive Garden you douche bags.


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One Response to “Self entitlement gone TOO FAR”

  1. dyna Says:

    Quick (and related) story:

    I was filling in one night as a hostess at one of my first restaurant jobs. We were one a wait, and people were sitting in the lounge and in the bar, and one of the big-top resos walk in- all carrying Starbucks coffee cups. They have a birthday cake, which I stash in the cooler for them. Since their table isn’t ready, they sit in the lobby and, being the very nice people that they were, they quietly conversed and drank their coffee.

    My manager rolls by and mentions (TO ME!) that it is totally not cool that these people bring in “outside beverages” and that I MUST take away their coffee. I mention that they brought a cake, and I’d feel really silly being cool with the cake, but begrudging them their coffee. He made me do it, anyway.

    So, these super-nice people gave me this “you have got to be kidding” look when I brought over a trash can and made them throw out their coffee.

    Guh. If you are going to say “no outside coffee” you have to say “no outside birthday cake!”

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