Wanting sumthan for Nuthin’

ok its sunday  night approx 1 hour til we close and its the one night a week we close early….so in walk 2 overweight black women with 2 young black girls (1 is overweight). They are sat at a 4 top whihc  lines a wall so its ailse seats are chairs and the wall side is booth bench seat which runs down the entire wall which allows for a twenty top to be made by moving the individual tables all together.

These  fine ladies proceed to spread themselves out over 2 four tops by all sitting  in the booth seats.

I finally get them to place a drink order which consists of 2 lemonades for the girls and they allude to getting alcoholic drinks later and 2 waters for the moms.

As the band makes B-Day announcements I am splitting another tables check when I am approached by a girl WHOM I thought was from a family of four who spent $117 asking about what we do for Bdays.

Turns out it was one of the lemonade drinking cheapskates. So I explain that we can bring out a piece of a death by chocolate cake dessert before I figure out it was the 2 lemonade drinking 4some. Needless to say I do NOT drop off a 7 buck dessert for a table spending $4.33 with tax who listens to a live band for free. My owner spent $1000 bucks for this night jazz band and the AM brunch gospel band so we kinda expect folks sitting at tables to spent  some cash dining or drinking.

Needless to say the losers stiff me for a tip. Just hope they know karma is a bitch. I hate it when I get pulled over for driving while black. ( My place of employment is  blocks away from one of the older country clubs in town but also close to a mainly black low end neighborhood.) I did find it funny to see them pulled over as I went home 20 minutes later.


5 Responses to “Wanting sumthan for Nuthin’”

  1. slag Says:

    sounds like a strange place to work. they seriously just got lemonade and then left?

  2. foodserviceninja Says:

    mind you Slag they stayed til the band stop playing which was better part of an hour-I will admit avoiding eye contact until near the end so I could avoid a big confrontation over them not getting the free dessert because they were too cheap to dine. Plus we have live music so they are screwing the establishment on what the owner had to fork out to the band.

  3. Void Says:

    People who seat themselves are always trouble. It can start in the form of a middle-aged to older lady claiming there’s a draft at the table they’re sat at, or a behemoth single-mother straight out the trailer park ignoring the hostess and declaring “we’ll sit here!”, but it never ends well. So what you’re cold? This isn’t your living room, bitch. If they turned off the a/c anytime an old lady walked in, a restaurant with a few hundred people in it would heat up extremely fast. You’ll sit where you’re told and shut your mouth. These are the type of people with the attitude that they’re better than everyone else and should be treated as such. Everyone around them should bow down to them.

    “sounds like a strange place to work. they seriously just got lemonade and then left?”
    I’ve seen several people order water with extra lemons, and make ghetto lemonade with the sugar packets. Never expect a tip when people do this. They’re also the type who just happen to find something wrong with their food (after they’ve eaten most/all of it) and expect a free meal.

    I’m so glad I got out of waitering.

  4. Grumpily Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Grumpily

  5. Ali Says:

    Hoorah for karma!

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