this just in….

Sorry for the lack of posts but we have gone thru an extended slow period and I refused to let my posting devolve into a whining, nonstop bitchfest.

SO I promise to  write some tales  from my serving past if nothing happens worth writing about in the near future. Maybe its time to tell ya about  the guy who just got out of the hospital after a bar night experience….


2 Responses to “this just in….”

  1. slag Says:

    uh, isnt every server blog pretty much a pathetic bitchfest? that’s why i read them. what’s wrong with that?

  2. foodserviceninja Says:

    true but I recognized that it was going to be a downward spiral on my part if I allowed myself to become an overtly whiny douchebag.

    Some fyi info–> work went to 6 shifts over 5 nites plus sunday lunch so I have gone from work 5 nights a week to 4 nights with occassionally get stuck doubling on sundays.

    also I have been delayed on my old stories posting as I have misplaced the napkin which I had listed about 10 of the most unusual things I could remember happening over the years. Sadly I cant recall what I wrote down.

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