Im back….

Ok business has picked up and I misplaced or lost my  napkin with a list of  some good tales from yesteryear on it so I am sorry those have not been published yet. For the life of me I can not remember any of them.

Main reason I have been avoiding posting is the work AC is working about as good as you can expect from a unit that needed to be fully replaced and not just patched up as it was 2 summers ago when this place opened. This place prior to us was a Vietnamese place which  had never been health inspected probably because it had no running HOT water which even in Texas rates an auto shutdown. It took over a year to get that fixed.
Not to the folks who never worked in retail or restaurants -it is very common in lease agreements that the lessee aka the tenant to be FULLY responsible financially for repair, replacement, and upgrade to the AC and heating equipment.  If a restaurant upgrades the kitchen in specific ways  this can greatly affect the ability of the HVAC system to maintian climate control.  Adding more equipment that vents lots of heat while keeping the same  amount of ventahood (system that sucks out the hot greasy laden air  to the rook when the grease is removed then air gets exhausted) can be an issue. Adding a large pizza oven when you barel;y have the HVAC capacity BEFORE  the oven goes in. I once worked in a place that added a ventahood to what was an old soup and salad place as they also put in flat grill , a few fryers, and a 8 burner sautee station.  The problem was the ventahood was able to suck over 60% of the HVAC system output when the HVAC was brand new.  Unfortunately the HVAC was very old (10-15yr) and it ran up 10 fllors to the roof of the townhomes above the restaurant.

Thus I have been sweating at a rate DAILY at work that would shock a medical doctor or trainer of endurance athletes. Let me explain most  nights the AC  does well enough if you arent constantly moving around in long sleeves its while not cool not so unpleasant  guests notice to complain about.

But all the back of the house spaces lead off the kitchen and are lined with rows of reach in freezers which exhaust the hot air from the bottom so that the non-public areas are range from high 90s to 105.  This is where we  servers have to go to  get a drink of something cold or roll silverware  so our  next table has something to eat with.  It is SCARY when the act of rolling silverware causes you to sweat like a whore in church who is next up to give her confession.
Also we have no atrium ie a little space as you enter so that you have to enter 2 sets of doors to get into the restaurant which allows ALL the nice cool air to escape especially when the numbnuts customers  hold open the door for someone else who is 15 feet away from the door. It gets really bad when large numbers of tables arrive or leave over short periods of time. Or when our back door is open so trash is going out or deliveries arriving as it creates with the open front door a wind tunnel effect.

SO  BASICALLY I have been so exhausted any attempt at posting has been too much to even attempt  or my efforts yielding incoherent gibberish. Most nights I have just passed out after scarfing down some food and copious  amounts of fluid.



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