WTF do people attending a birthday meal out bring in store bought cakes?!?!??

I had a long night last night got out at 130AM as I had a 13 top sat at 15 mins til we closed mind you the restaurant closing not the kitchen.  Kitchen closes when band stops playing with restautant aka the bar closing  30 -60 min later.

Thanks to my owners wife for seating that 2 top and delaying the 13 top from being seated. SO all in all the table isnt bad they order fast and eat quickly UNTIL I bring out their FREAKING store bought cake which they  do NOT bother to offer me a slice of.  This time I didnt mind as they had the nasty kind of cake-shortening based cheapo frosting and it looked like from the stickering they  attempted to pry off that it came off the clearance rack -it didnt even  have a name on it.

This policy of my employer drives me nuts since I lost out on potentially 13 dessert sales at a 20% grat and I am still having to find them 13 clean plates  and the silverware  to eat their cake. Getting bulk amounts of plates during rush periods is a bitch as our dish washer for some reason cant  clean that specific size plate well at all. Why only that plate size I have NO CLUE. Then the table proceeds to idle over their cake for a good 45 minutes. And thats the OTHER reason I hate people who bring in their own cakes. Plus its tacky as hell to bring in a cheap ass sheet cake made at a grocery store or walmart when the restaurant has nice desserts. I grew in a family that could be called redneck out in the country-our Idea of eating upscale was during  visits to a nearby city’s Livestock Show which we showed animals at. And by upscale I am talking Sizzler with their 2 pound monster baked potatoes and Red Lobster before they made their staff wear those god awful shirts covered in fish pictures. BUT my family and I cant remember even going to any one else’s dinner party brought a cake into a place of business that sold their own dessert.  Not to mention if they  were to bring a dessert they would have had the decency to bake the person in question’s favorite one.


2 Responses to “WTF do people attending a birthday meal out bring in store bought cakes?!?!??”

  1. John Dough Says:

    normally i take the server’s side since people aka customers just plain suck, but are you fucking kidding me? you’re even pissed they didn’t offer you any of their cake?!!?! do you get pissed when customers don’t give you a bite of the steak they ordered from you? grow up- this is not in any way shape or form a story that belongs with the likes of many other horrible waiting war stories.

  2. Food Service Ninja Says:

    You must not read these blogs a lot but ESPECIALLY on the server ones we use these writing techniques in this case and most commonly used is SARCASM. Also used but less frequently are FORESHADOWING AND IRONY.

    Realistically I dont want their nasty assed cakes as 90% these went by the grocery store or even the discount club and they a minimally decorated and covered in shortening based icing which I find nasty.

    The POINT of the post was to complain about my pet peeve of people bring in a store bought cake which I have to find in that particular job the bread plates which in the middle of dinner rush always in short supply because the owner is always behind buying replacement plates lost to breakage. This is basically a way for someone too cheap to order a round of dessert or a round of shared desserts. Then I have to in some cases do the plating of the dessert-I get paid $2.13 per hour Im not your scullion maid!. Then they get the shit everywhere and because its cheap nasty assed cake they eat half of it or less making it a NIGHTMARE to get all of it to the dishpit without it getting everywhere.

    In closing you have taken one sentence out of the post and made that be the whole post. Maybe you should reread things you disagree with so you can get the message-try starting with the title as it summaries my feelings that the post was made from quite well.

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