Good Reading…

I urge you to get a copy of’s new book Waiter Rant: Confessions of a Cynical Server which you can order off or from his website There is also a UK edition you can buy for same money but more postage which has a funnier cover art-the anon server is shown flipping the bird assumingly to the guests. Its a good read -cant say I see eye to eye with on everything like some of his manager/head server behaviors but he is an outstanding writer and I look forward to his next book which probably will not be on waiting. He got a very nice cover blurp by Anthony Bourdain comparing his book to be the Front of the House version of his book Kitchen Confidential.

I am a big fan of Waiter so I pre-odered back in March (published 2 weeks ago already #14 on NYT Bestsellers list for hardcover nonfiction). I also ordered Bourdain’s updated edition of Kitchen Confidential for a pittance used on amazon at the same time. I read it originally during split shifts at a Barnes  n Noble nearby an old job. He wrote it just before the celebrity chef trend got so huge.  He also has written a few other foodie books like Nasty Bites which I enjoyed. Plus his Gold fiction books which I believe are detective like novels involving a line cook. Bourdain writes from his heart in a true this is the way it was/is manner and doesnt mind if the truth is less than flattering personally nor professionally. Examples are his being a reformed herion addict which given his drinking is an impressive feat and why you do NOT want to eat a fish special on Mondays in NYC (its the fish they got last thursday that didnt sell).

I am also reading a autobiography by a former captain at Per Se which is very high end restaurant of Thomas Keller in NYC who also had the French Laundry in Cali and 2 Buchons one in cali and another in Vegas. Bourdain is a huge admirer of Keller (believe he has used the phrase ‘he is a God”  more than once). From watching him on TV appearances he is a very personable down to earth guy who excells at high end cuisine which is a rarity in a chef).

Basically I got this book to read about Per Se the restaurant and Keller but I have to complain a majority of the book so far is about her self inflicted love life. While in this industry the incestuous nature of the business rampant you expect a 25 yo to not be involved with 3 different guys in the initial months of training and opening of the place. Tho she never says how many months they trained prior to opening just that it was months.  It is also kinda of irritating how easily she got to be a captain iin such a high tier place given her lack of experience.  Note she did get hired as a back waiter and got promoted when  her captain quit.  But she is a foodie and charmed the NYT reviewer so she must have skills and some are folks are natural servers -one trained me to server at my first job.


3 Responses to “Good Reading…”

  1. youngblood Says:

    Someone taped a reader’s digest excerpt from Waiter’s book on a mirror at the bistro i work at. I went out and got it the next day. It’s absolutely amazing.

  2. PandoraWilde Says:

    I got it for Christmas–incredible stuff!! Can’t wait for the next one.

  3. Food Service Ninja Says:

    you should also get Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential and Nasty Bits both are good reads for the FOH staffers too.

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