Shit happens to Food Service Ninja#1 aka A week in the Life of FSN

New feature to the Blog here!!!

I havent had a lot of story worth events of late so I had an epiphany during lunch when asked for the “special” gumbo. So I will list the odd or chuckle worthy events or things overhead or observed here. Partial cred goes to Ribeye the Raging Server who posts weekly names he hears at his job.

1. See below self-rendition of a credit card receipt I got recently-with adoring fans like this I will be qualifying for food stamps all too SOON!


Guest: I would like to get an order of gumbo to go
Me : Sure. No problem.
Guest: Wait a sec. I need you to give it to me w/o the seafood. They did it for us last time!
Me: (Mental Eyeroll) Are you familar with how beef stew is made?
Me :Can you remove the beef from it after its cooked?
Guest: Err…no?!?
Me: I suspect last time they had the cooks ladle the gumbo so as to avoi large chuncks of seafood. Its cooked with the seafood in it and there is NO way to fully remove it.

Usually you get the I want the gumbo but no alligator in it or the okra. Gator looks like chicken when slow cooked in liquid. The dark roux base(oil and flour) stains the gato and chicken into the same color. Okra is the main thickening agent in gumbo besides gumbo file. File is a powder made from crushed sassafras leaves.

3. How is it as an opener at lunch I get stuck being a closer at every lunch when our well to do older hostess works? She has figured out doubles get cut early?!?

4. Why do I have to pay full tip share on Sunay nights when the sole busser on duty does as little as physically possible. I conservately estimate he does 33% ofwork any of the other bussers we have who do. They ROCK so prob come to 50% of the typical busser does .


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