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Stupid Shit I Hear/Overheard at Work 2

April 16, 2009

I’ll have a glass of red-red what cool aid?!?!

Red wine comes in major flavors or varietals or species severed universally worldwide–>Cabernet , Merlot, Zinfandel, Pinot Noir then there are lesser varietals like Chianti, Shiraz, Syrah to name just a few. Generally they want Cab or Merlot and will drink swill levels of it and not bat an eye.

It gets a bit more broad in the whites as they have a greater variety of flavoring. It ranges from oaky/buttery if classic Cali chardonnay to lighter/drier if more French in style, melon fruits with extreme dryness in Pinot Grigio to citrus fruits and less dryness in Savignon Blanc.

Trying to order lunch at dinner. This makes you looks stupid people-if its on the lunch menu and its now the middle of diner shift the answer will no be no but HELL NO followed by a demented chuckle. Why you ask?

I have a relatively complicated menu for dinner-apps, salads, entrees, seafood, and steaks sections plus dessert. Lunch is front and back legal page sized menu with items listed in a size 10 font. Its triple the number of individual items than the dinner menu. To offer all the lunch items during dinner requires a front line on our kitchen to be twice the size it is just to store everything. Then we would have to charge you triple for because we would have to throw out so much food that would never sell.

What time does the club close?

Ahem I work in and for a restaurant. PERIOD. It might feature live entertainment most night of the week and they might play til 10:30, 11:00 or 1:00 at night my kitchen closes at 10 and 11. And as far as I am concerned thats when I am done for the night. If you self seat yourself after the hostesses have gone home expect me to point you in the direction of the bar for drinks.