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Why do certain managers always go out of their way to steal 30-45 min of your life away per shift?

March 31, 2008

yeah you know the douche bag type I referring to  here. Its the subcategory of the manager species who once you have done all you need to go home then forces  you to wait 30-45 minutes on average sometime they get a real bug up their ass and delay you for 1 hr -1 hr and a half BEFORE they get around to paying you out or collecting your excess cash. Trust me if I go home with their cash in my pocket they will call you every 5 min til you arrive or return their call. One of these days I will do it just to give em a taste of their medicine.

It  seems to always take longer on the fri and sat night shifts to leave too.  WTF is the problem? I get my tables out before or at close. I make sure the busser busses and wipes down the table. I straighten the flower vase, table ten, and salt/pepper shakers. I get the table set in the proper alignment since folks listening to the band always seem to move the table to suit them thus depriving the server of way to get through the dining floor. Chairs get push up to table after I sweep under the table.

Since our tables tend to eat and drink themselves to  fullness by the time 1-2hrs before close hits they go into a lull where they need little, infrequent attention, I usually roll silverware in groups of 5,10, or 15 at a time depending on my sections needs for my attention. This means I roll most of the restaurants end of shift silverware except when the bussers have been too busy during shift to keep up with it or we are so busy the dishwasher gets behind on silverware. Mainly fri and sat nights. Those nights I have to wait for this weird game to play out where the servers avoid starting to roll until others are rolling which adds 30 min more til we can go home. After I have rolled about 150 silver they can get off their lazy butts and roll some themselves.

Thus I do not have to do any side work-as restaurants go we have probably the lightest sidework on the planet.

Then the 2.13 per hour  compensated THEFT of my life begins…and time  SLOWS to the pace of a refrigerated reptile. AND basically the manager goes and hangs out with lingering tables (WTF do that they just stay longer forcing their poor server to delay cleaning their section!!) or hanging out with the band. And just forget about a checkout being done before the band gets paid. AND they always need the cash broken down in a manner different than that provided.

This weekend we get kept til 130 when we have a freaking 3 pm meeting and naturally I open so I get to go work right after it .  Meeting night I get off about the same time then I mentally a zombie for my sunday nite shift.

I fully understand your stuff needs to be checked out but my manager takes this bullshit to a new level of idiotcy!!