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Apologies to any fans I might have picked up again for the slow posting pace. I just have not had much to say overall the summer has been a little slow plus my employer has opted to be open less days so earning opportunities are fewer.  And my fellow server bloggers have done a good job posting on topics that have warranted comment thus to avoid sounding like a copycat and just whining about how table X shit tipped me I have remained silent. It also didnt help matters when my list of post topics from funny or odd instances that have happened over the years went missing. The story below comes from that list.

I have noticed a trend of black folks suck as guests/tippers of late in the blogs.  Bear in mind servers tend to rem who tips them poorly and most places have fairly regular guest percentages by group or type. If your in an area of few for example Greeks and those that come in always do X behavior you WILL remember it. If you work in an area where lots of group  X live or play/go out to eat you WILL remember how they act in your place of employment and their tipping tendencies.  The purpose of blogs is to vent in our profession rather than to dis or make racially charged commentary. That said I want to describe one of the more obnoxious  tables I have ever waited on EVER.

And yes they were TRASH of the white flavor. My restaurant was a popular local chain of cajun restaurants so due to the fried foods and my location being near a decently dense black neighborhood I served a weekly dose of insert cognac here and coke or dr peppers. But we also were in one corner of the county and the county to our south was more rural despite urban sprawl  engulfing its northern half. This county at that time had mostly fast food and was DRY ie no alcohol served.

Thus WHITE TRASH was a decent size of our weekly customer base. The kids I worked with referred to these tables as the name of the county to the south tables. They as a rule at best tipped 10% and stiffing was common.  I get a extended family group of four adults and 5 kiddoes. They eventually order our mega platter Jaws of Life which was several pounds of fries, hushpuppies, fried gator tail, catfish, oysters, shrimp, pickles and a couple other fried somethings.  It comes out on a metal serving tray big enough to serve a 30 lbs turkey upon.

Before this an adult when taking the drink order orders coffee SO naturally one of the hyperactive kiddoes want coffee too. The “adults” are so engrossed in convo at this time I have to all but scream “DO you want kiddoe X to have a cup of coffee” as Im silently praying say no.  Basicly you have more kids than adults and they procede to ignore them. Every single time I go by this table I get physically grabbed by one of the kid(s) to either ask a stupid question -our place was decorated in old junk bric a brac you could expect to see in a cajun swamp or to demand me to get them something. Physically accost me, forget to say please/thank you and you a tone of demand when I am old enough to be your father and you will get on my bad sid quickly. Because of the layout of the place I was forced to squeeze past the kid’s end of the table and a wall that wrapped around a big rounded booth table of another section to get back into the corner behind the booth table  for another seated table of mine.

By the end of the meal its obvious I abhor the demon spawn and to only a lesser degree the reason they walk this earth the nonparenting parental units.  Seriously if I had growing up even pulled the disrespectful speaking to my server let alone the grabbing stupid nonsensical questioning or the attempted ordering of inappropriate bevs like coffee but beer was also requested too here is what would have happened-my dad would have proceded to spank my ass in public severely. When my dad paddled me I thought my butt was whelped and bleeding. Thus my misbehavior out in public was minimal at worst.

Meanwhile I am letting my manager on duty know just how they are treating me. How they changed their special instructions for their massive plate of food. They had ordered extra gator and no oysters but upon arrival an adult suddenly couldnt live without some oysters which IS a nifty way to get free extra gator.  This tells me no matter what else happens this table will want to complain to the manager to fish for some free food later.

Mind you my manager isnt really a manager but a key. Whats a key you ask? It refers to a server who is acting in the capacity of manager before they formally offer to let the server become a manager in training. IN reality its a way for a chain to get free managers on the floor for then $6-7 bucks an hour plus no benefits when they are short on managers. They put usually a lot of pressure on them because they are now supervising former server coworkers to be by the book. And because they lose usually the best money making shifts they further are pressured to get into MIT training ASAP as they get a small bump in pay then. But financially they are screwed until they become full fledged managers.

The Key is this case was a senior server who was one of my trainers when I went to work there. A real sweatheart who was always  willing to help you out. Now I have a single mom who has realized how much of a financial bind she has gotten her and her young daughter into. She has become a zero tolerance nazi. Keys  many times fall into this trap or the trap of not being able to actively manage friends that used to be their peers.

Thus when my table began to complain to the “manager”, she did not  come  to my defense. It was obvious that my comments about the kids were true as by now the kids are caffeine dand sugared up from a gallon of coke a piece they have begun to run amuck away from the table and around it as she talks to the adults. End result she comps part of their meal and the adults stiff me. This chain runs with minimal bussers that shift we had one. I go to clear off the table and find all the sweetner packets for the adults coffee and ice teas (refilled their caddy near the end of the meal are empty which I thought was a bit ODD….

Until I go to wipe off the table and figure out all the fake sugar and sugar has been poured out over every inch of exposed surface then wetted by their water glasses then rubbed into the table and by now has fully dried into a hard crust. Needless to say I spent a good 30 minutes WASHING off not wiping down the table.

Personally I was so glad to have them gone the relieve was like when you get out of the hospital after a long illness. I also did not stay at that place much longer so I never got to see what revenge my fellow servers opted to take out on them sadly.  When a table is especially trying usually they want to check out who they are so they can make commentary about them to the afflicted server as a way to break the tension for that server in the same way cops  develop a morbid sense of humor the avg citizen might find offensive. But another reason is they want to recognize that table for future reference. Such tables will be handled differently from the get go.


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